Why Auris Jewellery?
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Why Auris Jewellery?


1. Jewelers and Piercers collaboration

On any stage of jewelry life - from developing the design to lifetime customer service while jewelry decorated your body - our principal directions are safety, convenience and individuality. So the main condition of why did Auris Jewellery appear was beginning of uneven collaboration of professional body piercers and jewelry metalwork artists.This union provides deep understanding of body jewelry requirements to AJSP handcrafters and designers, and it is crucial, because those requirements are significatly more stricted than ones for regular jewelry. Therefore, our team has obvious advantages comparing to brands which are focused on only one of those jewelry making aspects. 

2. Biocompatible materials

Our gold is nickelfree and toxinfree. It will never cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. Instead of Nickel we use Platinum and white Rhodium plating for vibrant color of our White Gold. Also every jewelry is being covered with a special halvanic protective layer which protects jewelry from human body fluids and your body from possible metal emission. It all makes our alloys hypoallergenic and therefore it is safe to wear Auris Jewellery entire life, even during initial healing of fresh piercings. Our gold and diamonds are bloodfree. We understand how cruel this industry can be, and avoid low ethic components in our job. 

3. Jewelry doesn't scratch your piercing inside

The base of jewelry is made in a way not to scratch or irritate inner part of jewelry with jewelry carat stump or external thread pattern. The post of jewelry which stays in a piercing channel is totally smooth, threading or other lock mechanisms are hidden inside.

4. Jewelry isn't easy going out eventually

We are drawing your special attention to our locks. We don't use harmful "butterfly" or other types of lock; prefering standard body piercing labret stud posts. When you are sick of hair rolling around those massive picky locks, or tired of avoiding those locks punching your neck while you sleep, or angry of those nostril nails, squirling off every second time you wash your face and fleeing deep into sink, you will never want to come back to those types of earrings. With labret stud you will forget about all that, because it is the best what piercing industry invented for body piercing and earrings during last half of century. 

5. Exclusivity

However same time we don't strict ourselves using only proved ways to do things and always looking for new engineering tricks and technology development. We always retouch oldschool and search for newschool. We aren't afraid to mix classics and exotics. Because of that, some our models are so complicated, that you can sleep calm and don't worry to see a chinese or other replicas companies copy of this complicated thing next day or even year.

6. Contribution to the future

And, after all, choosing Auris Jewellery, you support local Russian manufacturer, who supports safe body piercing industry, and all together we are rising high social standards in the sake of clean, light and honest future!