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Threeleaf top with diamonds

Threeleaf top with diamonds

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Threeleaf top

Geometric and stylous as it is, Trileaf can be a complete decoration, as well it can be a part of equal sized jewels set, and could easily be an accent in jewelry set with big central element.
Whichever side you turn it on, trileaf is trileaf! And it is ideal.

Works for almost every ear piercing except Daith. Also can be used for some lip piercings, Ashley or vertical labret are the bests.
Ideal for nostrils if you're looking for a good visible sparkling jewelry and want to keep it low profile!

tiny: 2.5mm
small: 3mm
medium: 3.5mm
big: 4mm

Note: Top is only a decorative part of piercing jewelry. It has two (or sometimes three) parts - top and Labret or Barbell post.
If you don't have a proper post or unsure if you do, please contact your or our manager to define what you need. If you don't have a labret, but you know which size you need, you can buy a gold labret here or contact your piercer to buy a titanium one.
Check our Information if you want to know more about labrets and body piercing jewelry advantages. 

If you want this jewelry in another size or with another gems, you can place your order with our manager. Just open the contact form or send us message in WhatsApp, describe your wishes and we will get back to you in 1-2 days.
It will take 2-3 weeks to make jewelry with different stones, or 4-6 weeks to make new jewelry size or design.