Pave Disk microdermal top with Diamonds

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Diamond Pave Disk top for microdermals

Mostly the problem of no choice for a luxury jewelry comes to microdermal owners. We would dare to suppose that you really want to wear a BIG sparkling gem in you mirodermal. But single big brilliant-cut gems are tall, heavy and very easy to hit. While flat crystals don't shine good and basically, look cheap, making your outfit also look cheaper. But don't hurry up to bury the idea! You remember Auris Jewellery team promised to find out the solution for any problem of style and convenience of your piercing?

We are happy to open for you our microdermal tops collection!
Each design has been created to shine at its best, being safe enough same time.
Our classic «Pave Disk» shines bright because of 12 small diamonds set up under slightly different angles.
The «Flower» is his more elegant spring seasonal version.
And in our «Astra» the middle big diamond shines radiantly, and smaller diamonds around create a downgrading step, which adds some sparkles and makes this top less touchy and even more bright and safe.

Top details: Threading fits 14 gauge (1.6 millimeters) posts, which is suitable for almost all microdermal bases on this planet; width – 6 mm, edge height – 1 mm.