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Ming Moon sand

Ming Moon sand

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Singaradh sneaked over unbearably hot sand. Daily heat slowly started fading out, and sand was emissing its heat, still remaining so hot that it reflected blue skies and rising crescent moon right above the horizon. 
He stopped, staring at this crescent moon on sand. It looked like it was made of sand, as everything in this godforsaken place. Nothing is eternal and everything will scatter like sand - this moon, this desert, oasis he desperately tried to reach, and he himself. 
He shook his head, dispeling the delusion and continued making his way to oasis, his last hope.
Above him in the skies, Ming Moon of Sand was doubtfully glaring at him.  

Comes in 4mm and 6mm. Works good for earlobe and Flat/Helix piercing. Also smaller one will look nicely in tragus or nostril piercing.