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Lotus dangle

Lotus dangle

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Lotus has always been a symbol of stillness and concentration in various religion and philosophy paradigms. So in our paradigm all Lotus lines including the Gemstone center merge into one point, where new idea borns and drops out as a gemstone charm. And despite gold and diamonds aren't the best material for buddhist rituals, it serves good to remind you that when you keep harmony with yourself, the most challengeous goals are real, and you can reach the outstanding results!

Works for the following piercings: earlobes, flat, conch piercings.

Size: 6x9 mm lotus + 2mm charm.

Note: Top is only a decorative part of piercing jewelry. It has two (or sometimes three) parts - top and Labret or Barbell post.
If you don't have a proper post or unsure if you do, please contact your or our manager to define what you need. If you don't have a labret, but you know which size you need, you can buy a gold labret here or contact your piercer to buy a titanium one.
Check our Information if you want to know more about labrets and body piercing jewelry advantages.