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Amour Сontour top

Amour Сontour top

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Amour Сontour top

We think no one living with a wide heart needs a hint what sense does this jewelry has. It is a template for a proclamation. Proclamation in love to yourself, to your partner or friends, to your avocation. And even if you will change your mind, you won't need a laser to remove it!

Works for the following piercings: earlobe, flat, forward helix, conch, nostrils, lips.

Size: 6mm.

Note: Top is only a decorative part of piercing jewelry. It has two (or sometimes three) parts - top and Labret or Barbell post.
If you don't have a proper post or unsure if you do, please contact your or our manager to define what you need. If you don't have a labret, but you know which size you need, you can buy a gold labret here or contact your piercer to buy a titanium one.
Check our Information if you want to know more about labrets and body piercing jewelry advantages.