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La Marchesa. The mysterious jewelry


«I want to be a living work of art»

The Marchesa Casati

The Marchesa Luisa Casati was the most mysterious muse and the great hedonist of the 20th century. She was a scandalous mirage and a destructive female power. She created trends, and she was a worldwide style icon. And her mysterious personality became an inspiration for creating "Marchesa" clicker from Auris Jewellery.

Tilda Swinton for «Acne Paper Sweden»

Louisa Casati's life was an absolute contrast to the concepts of simplicity and elegance, that were popular in the world thanks to Coco Chanel. People composed different legends about her eccentric tricks and scandalous style. The Marchesa loved to repeat that her individuality leaves an unforgettable mark in the air. And the Casati always told the truth. Red curly hair, very big eyes after the belladonna drops, bright lipstick and provocative outfits - the image of the scandalous marquise could be found on the covers of all world magazines, she had a unique epatage charm, the Marchesa Casati always mystically fascinated all the men and women around her.

The huge inheritance allowed Louisa Casati to enjoy a gorgeous life, which was filled with a series of feasts, performances and bacchanalians. One of her favorite habitats was palazzo in Venice, she brought there a lot of rare animals - panthers, gorillas, pythons, peacocks and albino crows. One of the most memorable masquerades, Casati arranged there and on St. Marks Square. The daughter of a rich count colored her servants with gold paint, she kissed snakes and walked panthers on diamond leashes. At night, the marquise went out for a walk in a fur palantin, dressed on a bare body, accompanied by a high footman and burning torches. 

Erte "The Alphabet Series", Cartier Advertising Campaign, "Marchesa Luisa Casati" - Art by Ted Coconis

The Marquise Louisa Casati was a fatal muse for hundreds of artists, photographers, sculptors, poets and filmmakers. She was friends with Picasso, Duncan and Diaghilev, Schiaparelli and Bakst created outfits for her, and the brilliant art deco artist Erte dedicated the letter L to her in his sensational "The Alphabet series". Also, her demonic personality inspired the great jewelry house Cartier to create a cult brand symbol – Panther.

Casati never wrote letters and diaries, because she was too busy creating her extraordinary, furious and crazy world. And the Marquise was true to her ideas about the ideal world for the rest of her life. Despite the fact that this scandalous woman died, her shadow continues life beyond borders and worlds, and excites us with her magic mysteries.

«Marchesa piercing»

The image of the amazing woman very inspired the creators of Auris Jewellery, so the impressive golden clicker ring "Marchesa" was born. And this jewelry model is as extraordinary and amazing as the life of its inspirer. «Marchesa» model is a composition of 11 large stones of the "Marquise" cut, and it looks like a silhouette of a wild bird’s wing. In addition, thanks to the popularization of this jewelry model, a special type of piercing - «Marchesa piercing» was born. «Marchesa piercing» is a piercing "Daith", but in the most advantageous position for the location of «Marchesa» clicker ring. If you want to find the perfect place for this piercing, you really will have to try.

Since the birth of this incredible clicker ring, Auris Jewellery has released many versions of «Marchesa» in different designs and colors. There is even a brutal "male" model of this clicker under the name "Marchese". But despite all new interpretations, the classic "Marchesa" remains a bestseller and piercing icon of the jewelry brand, like its famous hypnotic namesake.

"Marchesa" clicker is inspiring, surprising and remains in memory, and you can't forget it. 

You can be sure that with this unique jewelry you will be the star of any party!