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The story about Auris Jewellery


Auris Jewellery world is a beautiful story about wonderful treasures and about the young ambitious team, that developed from a local factory to an international jewelry piercing company.

The philosophy of Auris Jewellery is a successful combination of basic values that are important for the creators of the brand: authenticity, freedom of choice, self-development and self-expression. Brand jewelry is created for confident people who love quality, originality and, of course, luxury.

The success of Auris Jewellery is associated with passion, perseverance, and creative madness. Passion inspires us to new amazing products, persistence makes us achieve the perfect result, creative madness leads us to create timeless jewelry piercing masterpieces.

The images of future jewelry are born in travel - new forms come into the imagination of one of the creators, and he immediately fixes it in his drawings. These drawings turn into jewelry products in a fortress-city called Vyborg in Russia. Here, jewelry goes through all the stages of its creation: visualization, 3D modeling, and production.

The high quality of Auris Jewellery products allowed the brand to earn an excellent reputation in the piercing jewelry market. The company monitors the exclusivity of its jewelry, respects the intellectual work of other companies, and does not use patented ideas of the competitors.

Auris Jewellery is very attentive to material selection and does not work with companies that have a bad reputation in the market. That is why, before use, all gemstones, natural minerals, gold and platinum are sent for an additional test verification at the Auris Jewellery Quality Control Department.

The success of creating jewelry depends on the balance between innovations, traditions and technical skills of employees. So, the strong connection of modern technologies and classical techniques is expressed in the training program from Auris Jewellery.

In the story about Auris Jewellery, we need to talk about the unique features of the brand - about a wide range of stones. The geography of minerals is very charismatic: you are waiting for a meeting with many amazing and mysterious natural resources from all over the world. If one day you see these bright and unique minerals, you will not be able to forget their magnetism and mysterious depth.

Dear friends, you are already on the way of an amazing and shining Auris Jewellery world. Do not waste your time and go on an adventure full of deep symbolism, inspiration and love for jewelry art!