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Piercing charms


Charm is a small removable pendant for jewelry.

This interesting "charming" story began 75,000 years ago. On the day when representatives of the Neolithic era decided to decorate necks and wrists with all kinds of teeth, stones, and shells. Ancient people used charms as magical ritual amulets: Egyptians believed that gold pendants would help them in the afterlife, knights wore charms to demonstrate the origin, and Victorian ladies fell in love with pendants for style and beauty (like ladies in the time of Art Nouveau and the Great Depression). And in the 20th century, famous French jewelers such as Tiffany, Cartier, Boucheron, and Van Cleef & Arpels moved charm to the category of fashion icons.


 Ming moon charm; Cup-set charm + Cross charm.

Today charm is a great opportunity to give your image individuality and diversity. These little pendants can be associated with important events from your life or with a secret mystical meaning. Also, charms will be a just beautiful addition to your image because you can quickly change them by mood or on the occasion.

Auris Jewellery charms are very impressive and qualitative. To create our pendants, we use 14K or 18K gold, platinum, diamonds, and high-quality Swarovski Zirconia stones. The most popular shapes of Auris Jewellery charms are Phoenix, Cross, Dagger, Teardrop, Cab, and the trend of recent seasons - different chains.


Phoenix charm; Leaf charm.

Besides, the charm is an ideal solution for everyone who cannot make a new piercing (fear of pain, pregnancy, vacation, work dress code, etc.). Universal charm is suitable for most usual earrings and is a great option for assembling sets from different metals and colors. Сharms are very easy to use: miniature pendants are easily fixed on a ring or on a labret and the new composition is ready! Here, see for yourself!


These original charms are very similar to the philosophy of the Auris Jewellery brand, because these pendants are beautiful stories about freedom of choice and impressive expression.

We invite you to create your own charm with unique character!