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Grisant Magic


A grisant is a special jewelry technique that makes modern jewelry more comfortable, more reliable, and more impressive.

This type of jewelry decoration can be described as jewelry patterning a metal surface. And if you think that this beautiful jewelry pattern is only a decorative element — you are wrong!

First: it is one of the best methods of fixing stones. Thanks to the grisant the jeweler may not use glue, and the customer may not worry that the stone will darken or fall out. Second: the grisant also protects jewelry of natural secretions and decorative cosmetics. Gold fits tightly to the stone, and it makes jewelry service easier.


The Cup-set Gem Top with the grisant, The Cup-set Gem Top without the grisant  

Of course, the grisant is also an amazing decorative technique. It spectacularly emphasizes the natural beauty of stones — diamonds, Swarovski Zirconia stones, opals and pearls begin to open from completely new sides. Also the grisant will be the ideal solution if you prefer minimalism jewelry. It will be very bright and impressive against jewelry with classic decoration.


The Cabochon shape with the grisant, The Cabochon shape without the grisant

Today you can meet the grisant not only on the Cup-set Gem Top or the Cabochon shape. Our managers are always ready to help you if you want to know about the possibility of this pattern on the model you like.

We invite you to the amazing world of extraordinary grisant jewelry! Don’t waste time!

Cup-set Gem top with diamond

Cassiopea with diamonds