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Gemstones are an endless source of admiration and inspiration. They delight us with the play of light, mystical depth and a huge palette of shades. Perfect diamonds and bright selective crystals have become a guarantee of quality and the hallmark of Auris Jewellery brand. But these stones are not all that we can and want to offer you.

In the story about Auris Jewellery, we need to talk about the unique features of the brand - about a wide range of stones. The geography of minerals is very charismatic: you are waiting for a meeting with many amazing and mysterious natural resources from all over the world.

Natural beauty, durability, uniqueness - these are the three main advantages of stones of mineral origin. If one day you see these bright and unique minerals, you will not be able to forget their magnetism and mysterious depth. Ancient rulers, kings, aristocrats and jewelers have loved minerals for centuries. Didn't you know that? Please read on!


Malachite - is a mineral, basic copper carbonate.

Malachite is one of the oldest stones known to mankind. Today, it is difficult to establish exactly when this valuable green stone was discovered and found. The mineral is repeatedly described in the works of ancient Greek scientists - the gem was associated with the name of the solar goddess Hathor, the patroness of the family, fertility and female beauty.

The name of this stone comes from two words: the first - “malach” (mallow), because the pattern and color of malachite could be associated with this plant; the second is “malakos” (soft), because of its physical properties. Miraculous properties of the gem: it will relieve you of toxins, emotional stress, insomnia, depression, skin diseases, allergies, toothache and asthma. Malachite is a symbol of balance and harmony, it will protect you from negative energy and the evil eye. Most of all, the green mineral is suitable for Taurus, Leo and Libra.

In ancient times, malachite was actively used for the production of jewelry, amulets and cosmetics. In ancient times, malachite was actively used for the production of jewelry, amulets and cosmetics. You can see an example of excellent work with this stone in the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg and Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul.

In recent years, many iconic jewelry houses have begun to include malachite jewelry in their permanent collections, including Cartier, Bvlgari, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron.


Pearl is a mineral of organic origin.

In ancient times, pearls were the equivalent of money for the Chinese.  Historians believe that the name "pearl" was formed from the Chinese word that can be translated as "seashell". Pearl has a very interesting story of the birth: when a small grain of sand enters the body of a mollusk, the shell begins to defend itself from the guest and envelops it in pearl layers.

The mother-of-pearl gem is considered a symbol of true love, good luck and a joyful life. The stone brings wealth and happiness, it can heal you from cataracts, nervous disorders, bleeding and memory loss. Pearls are a symbol of longevity, prosperity, fertility, peace of mind, magical power and marriage. There is not a Zodiac Sign to whom pearls would be contraindicated - a beautiful stone is a universal talisman.

There are pearl and freshwater pearl. The freshwater pearl is grown in freshwater river shells and is considered ethical for the environment. Pearl is found in the natural marine environment, and it is rarely used in the jewelry market. Pearls are usually mined in sizes from 8 mm and there are too large for jewelry piercing. In addition, there is also mother-of-pearl - this is the inner layer of shells of freshwater and marine mollusks. For jewelry with a round stone, Auris Jewelery jewelers use freshwater pearls, for non-round ones - mother-of-pearl.

Pearl was very popular during the Renaissance - Elizabeth I, Mary Stuart and Maria Medici were very fond of this stone. And Cleopatra not only wore jewelry with pearl beads, every day she drank a magic smoothie of pearl powder with grant juice - it was the secret of eternal youth and beauty in Ancient Egypt.

In recent years, there has been a fashion trend for men's jewelry with pearls, the most favorite brutal accessories are pearl mono-earrings and massive metal necklaces with pearl beads.


Pyrite is a mineral, iron sulfide.

The name of pyrite comes from the ancient Greek phrase “pyrites lithos”, which literally can be translated as “stone that carves fires”. The gem got its name from its dangerous sparking property. By the way, during the time of the Gold Rush, the conquistadors often confused pyrite with gold, which is why the mineral has a second unofficial name - "fool's gold".

In the Middle Ages, pyrite was very popular with magicians and healers. Pyrite is considered a male stone, it gives a man mental and physical strength, helps him win victories in any kind of fights, and also it increases sexual attractiveness, multiplies potency and libido. The stone is not suitable for hot-tempered and nervous people, because it is able to further increase the level of emotionality. Pyrite belongs to the minerals of the fire element - it is perfect for the representatives of the sign Aries, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Ancient Mexicans polished the edges of pyrite to such a brilliance that they made mirrors, which, according to legends, were able to show the future. The Spartans and Roman legionaries loved to wear pyrite - they considered it a symbol of courage and bravery on the battlefield, as well as a talisman against sudden death. The fashion for pyrite in Europe came in the 17th century: stone jewelry was framed in gold and silver.

Pyrite will suit bright and charismatic people who love Versace and Roberto Cavalli style.

Rainbow moonstone

Moonstone is a rare mineral with a thin-lamellar structure.

Moonstone is the collective name for a whole family of minerals. The stones of this group have a special optical effect - adularization - the ability of the crystal to emit a bluish-silvery three-dimensional glow, similar to moonlight. The moonstone (Adularia) got its name in honor of the Swiss mountain range Adula, where it was found for the first time.

Many ancient peoples believed that the moonstone is the frozen light of the real moon. To this day, astrologers believe that moonstone have a very strong energy and that these properties are especially strong during the full moon. The moonstone is considered a talisman of love for bright creative personalities, it helps people to control their emotions and develops their psychic abilities. The mineral helps to improve metabolism and normalizes the digestive system. The stone has the greatest influence on Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus.

The magicians of Ancient Greece used this stone to pronounce prophecies. At the beginning of the 20th century, jewelers began to actively use Adularia, because a French designer Rene Lalique introduced the fashion for moonstone in jewelry.

Moonstone looks good in yellow and white gold shapes, and this tender stone is loved by fans of classic and romantic style in clothes.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a type of quartz, characterized by a rich pink color.

Rose quartz looks great in combination with white gold. Rose quartz is one of the most expensive types of quartz. According to ancient myths, rose quartz is a gift to people from the god of love Eros - so he wanted to teach people sympathy, peace and gratitude. For this excellent reason, the mineral had such a delicate pink tint, symbolizing tenderness and love.

People believe that rose quartz is a powerful "medicine" for stress, mental anguish and heart wounds. It fights negative energy, improves mood and relieves melancholy. As already mentioned, rose quartz is a symbol of love and spiritual harmony. It makes the owner more attractive, helps to find a soul mate and find family happiness. The stone has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and immunity in general, normalizes the function of the pancreas, lymphatic and skeletal systems. Great for Taurus and Libra.

The ancient Romans and Egyptians used rose quartz not only as talismans and amulets, they added crushed stone powder to cosmetics to prolong youth and longevity.

In one of the latest collections, the Dior brand has presented amazing earrings in rose gold, diamonds and rose quartz. The jewelry shape is a blossoming rosebud - Christian Dior's favorite flower. A graceful symbol of everlasting senses was handcrafted from rose quartz.

Rutilated Ouartz

Rutilated quartz - quartz with the finest hair-like inclusions of rutile crystals.

There are many types of quartz, but rutilated one is the most expensive. Rutilated quartz gets its name from the Latin word "rutilus", which can be translated as "golden-red". There are other names for this beautiful mineral: Aphrodite's hair, Cupid's arrows, threads of love and even the nice name "hairy" associated with the appearance of this stone. The mineral looks very magical - it is a transparent stone, inside which thin threads are visible, very similar to hair of a graphite or golden color. It is these "hairs" that are the rutilated fibers, which determine the special value of the mineral.

Rutilated quartz brings peace of mind and harmony, it enhances charm and sexuality, it relieves impotence and frigidity, it improves skin condition and slows down the natural aging process. In the East, the stone is proudly called Philosophical - the inhabitants of Asian countries believe that the mineral is capable of developing the gift of the second side. The gem is suitable for all, without exception, representatives of all signs of the zodiac, but most of all it suits Taurus, Leo and Cancer.

In medieval Europe, the mineral was used to open the gift of clairvoyance and a portal to the other world. The cost of rutilated quartz depends on the color intensity, presence and shape of rutile. By the way, it is believed that a stone with straight threads is more suitable for men, and with winding ones - for women.


Turquoise is a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral.

This amazing stone is found in the cultures of Ancient Egypt, Persia, China and Tibet. The word "turquoise" has Persian roots and is translated as "bringing happiness" or "bringing victory." It was delivered to Europe along the Silk Road, which ran through Turkey, which is why Europeans often called the stone "turquoise", which means "Turkish stone" in French.

The stone helps to establish peace, harmony and mutual understanding, it helps women to reveal their inner beauty, and men - to restore potency. The stone protects against dangers, accidents and negative energy. Turquoise in a gold frame helps to achieve material well-being and professional success, to establish contacts with business partners. Astrology attributes turquoise to the elements of Water and Earth, therefore, so, it suits Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

In Ancient Egypt, already in the II millennium BC. there was a real cult of turquoise. The value of the stone was high in the Middle Ages, and the Indians of North America took it as the highest divine value. Thanks to archaeological excavations, a lot of turquoise jewelry was found, which was worn by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Aztec tribes and Indians.

Turquoise is a very active color and can sometimes argue with its neighbors. Therefore, under the conditions of a jewelry set, the most favorable combinations will be products made of white and yellow gold without gems, as well as jewelry in purple, wine, yellow, coral and aquamarine shades.

If you are already thinking about buying a top with a mineral, we advise you to pay attention to Teardrop Grisant cab, big Bella or Elyzabeth cab tops - these forms help stones unfold in their full and amazing beauty.

When you choose your stone, take your time, carefully consider all the options and stop at the one that you do not want to return - this is a sign that you made the right choice!