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Gemchart #2: Part 1.


Gemstones are an endless source of admiration and inspiration. They delight us with the play of light, mystical depth and a huge palette of shades. Perfect diamonds and bright selective crystals have become a guarantee of quality and the hallmark of Auris Jewellery brand. But these stones are not all that we can and want to offer you. 

In the story about Auris Jewellery, we need to talk about the unique features of the brand - about a wide range of stones. The geography of gems is very charismatic: you are waiting for a meeting with many amazing and mysterious natural resources from all over the world.

Natural beauty, durability, uniqueness - these are the three main advantages of stones of mineral origin. If one day you see these bright and unique minerals, you will not be able to forget their magnetism and mysterious depth. Ancient rulers, kings, aristocrats and jewelers have loved minerals for centuries. Didn't you know that? Please read on!


Labradorite is a silicate mineral, which is a type of granite and has a rare property of iridescence - an inner iridescent glow.

The beautiful stone got its name from its first birthplace - the Labrador Peninsula in North America. This gem is very popular for its rich hue - an amazing play of colors from blue to deep purple gives Labradorite a rich texture, depth and volume - the stone seems to come to life under the influence of light sources. In the ancient legends of the American Indians, it is said that the frozen northern lights are captured inside this stone.

Labradorite is able to get out of depression, improves mood and spiritual strength, helps to awaken sleeping talents, relieves pain and reduces stress levels. The stone is great for the representatives of the zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

In the 18th century in Europe, jewelry with Labradorite was in honor among the aristocracy. And in Russia, the apartments of the royal families and the St. Petersburg nobility were decorated with this unique stone.

Lobradorite, in my opinion, will look great in a big Rose gold shape. In some, a large piece where big stone can show itself off, perfectly accented with Rose gold. Look, see for yourself!


Amazonite is a silicate mineral of a bright bluish-green color.

The Amazonite got its name from the deepest river on Earth and due to a tribe of beautiful female warriors. According to ancient myths, this gem is a symbol of female beauty and independence, it also gives its owner courage and tranquility. The mineral is suitable for almost all women, because it is associated with the Moon - the astrological symbol of the feminine principle. The effectiveness of its mystical properties will also be pronounced for representatives of the sign of Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, regardless of gender. 

Silver jewelry with Amazonite was found in the tomb of the ancient Greek Pharaoh Tutankhamun. People love Amazonite to this day: the French jewelry brand "Cartier" actively used a bright mineral in one of the latest collections - on the first day of sales, half of all jewelry was successfully sold.

Amazonite looks good in yellow and white gold shapes, and this bright stone is loved by fans of classic style in clothes.


Howlite is a gray-white mineral with brown and black veins, characterized by an amazing silky shine.

Howlite was first found by Canadian geologist Henry Gowa about 150 years ago, who gave the stone his own name. The stone is a talisman for pregnant women, students and scientists. According to the laws of astrology, the stone is ideal for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 

Despite that Howlite was discovered in the late 19th century, it has been known since ancient times. North American peoples called the gem "sacred white bison" and used it during ceremonies and rituals. In the Middle Ages, priests and members of royal dynasties adored the white stone, believing that it elevates them above the rabble and commoners.

Howlite looks very good in tandem with yellow gold, this combination is recalling of  Yves Saint Laurent modern interiors.


Charoite is one of the rarest minerals of a rich lilac color. It has only one place of birth - the territory of the northern taiga in Russia.

Charoite received a name in honor of its place of birth - the Chara River in Yakutia. Until the middle of the twentieth century, humanity did not even know about the existence of this stone. For twenty years people could not give it a name, because American and Russian scientists fought for the right to own it. 

Charoite reinforces the immune system, stabilizes the nervous system, protects against the evil eye. Charoite is the stone of Venus, therefore it suits all signs born under this planet. It is also believed that the stone is suitable for energetic and creative people, regardless of the sign of the zodiac. 

There are many reserves of stone, but the geographical location of its deposits makes the gem difficult to access, and its extraction is expensive. Therefore, those people who want to possess the stone are perspicacious. For example, Pope John Paul II, being in full health, ordered a slab of lilac Charoite for his future sarcophagus, and so it was.

And if one day you buy a jewelry with Charoitel, you will always carry on yourself a piece of the Russian soul.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a chalcedony type of quartz, characterized by a rich black color or a peculiar striped color (depending on impurities in the stone layers).

Black Onyx translated from ancient Greek means "nail" or "hoof". This unusual name is associated with the legend that once the god of love Eros cut off Aphroditas beautiful long nails, and those, falling to the ground, turned into a wonderful colorful stone - Onyx.

Onyx, by the way, is one of the most controversial stones: for a purposeful person with a strong spirit, the energy of the mineral gives courage and determination, but for shy owner, it will become a source of new fears and complexes. Black gem is considered a talisman against negative effects - it promotes longevity and heals various diseases of the respiratory system.

Onyx is ideal for Leo, it helps them get rid of excessive aggression. Also, the gem will be useful for Capricorns, Taurus, Libra and Virgo. Black Onyx has a very ancient and rich history of use, and it was even used to decorate the throne of King Solomon.

This stone looks great in combination with yellow gold, although lovers of monochrome love it in a white metal shape.


Garnet - a mineral silicate with a rich cherry color.

Garnet is a family of stones that takes its name from the Greek word "granatus", which means "having many seeds." A stone with a rich cherry color is not the only one in a large family, and besides it, there are many other garnets and their colors. 

A red-colored stone patronizes the stormy planet Mars and the group of fire signs of the zodiac. Garnet heals heart disease and strengthens immunity, enhances creativity and gives family happiness. 

In the East, the crowns of rulers were encrusted in garnet crystals; rare black garnets were in demand among medieval warriors and representatives of the clergy. The most expensive stones of the garnet group are gems with a color change effect - these are the stones that are used to decorate the famous Order of the Golden Fleece.

Garnet looks great on brunettes; cherry color is in ideal harmony with their beauty. And another interesting fact: in recent years, this stone has regularly flashed on the red carpet.


Lapis is a blue-violet silicate mineral.

The name of the stone comes from the latin word "lapis-lasure", which means "azure stone". The first information about the healing properties of the gem is found in the writings of Avicenna. Persian scientist believed that Lapis has magical power and that it is able to help almost any disease. 

The stone is a powerful talisman, it helps to build relationships between people. Lapis suits all single women - it helps them find their love. In addition, Lapis is perfect for Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn.

The history of the gem began more than 7000 years ago, when the powerful rulers of the East began to use Lapis to decorate their own palaces. And the egyptians believed that Lapis was the stone of the gods and they placed lapis figures in the pyramids.

Lapis looks great in a white gold shape, this «cold» metal perfectly emphasizes the bright color of this stone.


Amethyst is the most valuable type of quartz with a purple color.

The name Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word "amethystos", which can be translated as "not drunk."

For the first time this stone was presented to the god of winemaking Dionysus by his beloved. She wanted him not to get drunk. Since then, Amethyst has been considered a powerful talisman that protects against alcohol addiction.

And also, Amethyst heals nervous breakdowns, strengthens intuition and develops calmness. At all times, Amethyst was especially loved by clergy and royal monarchs. The stone was actively used to decorate insignia (scepters, crowns), festive outfits and various religious attributes (icons, crosses).

Jewelry with amethyst is universal, gold and silver models are perfectly combined with a business and evening dress. Also Amethyst and are perfect for representatives of all types of appearance.

If you are already thinking about buying a top with a natural stone, we advise you to pay attention to Teardrop Grisant cab, big Bella or Elyzabeth cab tops - these forms help stones unfold in their full and amazing beauty.

When you choose your stone, take your time, carefully consider all the options and stop at the one that you do not want to return - this is a sign that you made the right choice!