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Supporting jewelry


«Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle» - Michelangelo

The most expensive and wonderful look will not be harmonious without correct jewelry. Do you agree? 

Supporting jewelry is a simple piece of jewelry only at first sight, but later we realize that it plays a much more complex and important role in composition. It's a great way to emphasize your charisma and personality. And, as we know, beauty is in the details!

In this article, we have collected 4 examples of the most popular supporting jewelry by Auris Jewellery.

Cup-set Gem

Simple shapes and clean lines are still popular today. Cup-set Gem (a crystal framed in gold or platinum) is an excellent solution for those people who want to declare their inner strength and natural elegance. The jewelry looks great both as an independent element and as an addition to a multi-composition. The shape of the product allows you to choose a diamond, Swarovski crystal, opal or mystical natural minerals from the brand's (assortment line) gem chart.


Nefertiti was born as a minimalist alternative to the famous Prium top. The graceful shape of the jewelry delicately emphasizes the lines of the ear, creates an elegant curve in the right place and does not overload the composition. Nefertiti top is jewelry for romantic persons who want to create a tender look.


Parenthesis is similar in shape as Nefertiti jewelry, but it has a glassy top surface. The jewelry is suitable for any look and perfectly combines with different accent examples. Parenthesis is available in three sizes, and if you want, you can decorate it with a special texture "Crash Diamond".


Be attentive to the little things in your image. Always choose only the best for yourself!

And the world of jewelry wonders from Auris Jewellery will help you with it!