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A fancy "Up-chain"


Just as it is impossible to determine the beginning and the end of your chain, it is impossible to set the date of its birth on our land. But one fact is undeniable - the chain is one of the oldest types of jewelry and an important part of the modern jewelry world. And despite the new trends, this small type of jewelry  forever is in our hearts.

Double Up-chain in the Septum piercing

During its journey, the chain was transformed from a symbol of slavery to the synonym of luxurious life. In the beginning, the chains were very massive, so they were male jewelry. Step by step realty changed - the chains became thinner and more elegant and women also fell in love with them.

Single Up-chain + the charm, Single Up-chain between two piercings

Today we can find chains of any shape and size: massive and thin, short and long, tender and brutal. We wear chains on our wrists and ankles, necks and bellies, and also we use them in our hairstyles, clothes and accessories. 

Single Up-chain in the Nostril piercing

Some time ago, Auris Jewellery presented a unique collection "Chains-n-Dangles" that included unusual decorative pendants called "Up-chain". 

The "Up-chain" is a removable composition of different chains, which is an additional element to the main piercing jewelry. "Up-chain" is a fancy way to say "Upgrade your piercing with a fancy chain!"

Triple Up-chain in the Helix piercing

When you order the "Up-chain" composition, you can choose the metal color, the length, the pendant, and the number of levels in the chain. The "Up-chain" is a universal solution for your piercing: the chain looks great both in an individual piercing (nostril, septum, industrial, conch etc.), and as an element connecting several  piercings.

Double Up-chain in the Conch piercing

Auris Jewellery included this model in the permanent range line of the brand and soon "Up-chain" will appear in our online-store. However, this is obvious - miniature removable compositions can upgrade your old piercing jewelry and add refinement to your image!

Triple Up-chain in the Industrial piercing

The fancy "Up-chain" is a universal and effective method for all occasions of life and fashion-times.

And we advise you not to lose precious time and go to meet the fascinating chain-story from Auris Jewellery!