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Authorized Resellers

Hello, dear customer! One of our main purposes is to supply with our jewelry piercing art lovers all over the world.

And mostly we do it with professional piercing studios, who can provide you safe and dedicate service - sometimes piercing accessories aren’t easy to put in, and you need an expereinced specialist to enjoy beautiful jewelry.

So here is our Shop Locator - a map of our resellers, so you can find the nearest one and go there to buy or get services with our jewelry there.

At this moment, we have a map of Authorised Resellers - those stores, who have somewhat selection of Auris Jewellery, who provide clean and professional piercing services and have good manners, and where you can place your order for our custom jewelry. Note: every reseller can have different selection of our designs at different times. Later we will add to this map special signs of Official Resellers - those stores who will deal with any issues with our jewelry, including warranty replacements, returns, repairs, etc.

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