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Ordering and delivery

Delivery Information

Retail purchases:
To shop offline, please check our Auris Locator to see where is the closest reseller to you!

For online purchases (which are very limited in assortment):
We ship worldwide with regular state mail. Normally delivery time is about 2-3 weeks, depending on country of destination.
Shipping costs 30€, and you don't deal with import taxes, etc.





You can buy our jewelry in our web store, and also in our resellers piercing studios - you will fin their addresses in our Shop Locator


Our webstore is totally common - you choose jewelry, if there is any in stock, add to the basket, fill the address form, proceed to payment witch bank card, and wait for the delivery! 

What to do if you have seen our jewelry and want to buy it, but can not find on the website? 

Auris Jewellery has too many jewelry designs and options to put them all to the website and make it always be in stock. 
If you know exactly, which jewelry you want - whether you have seen it on instagram, or on your friend - whatever - and you desperately want to have it - just write a message to our manager. Our specialist will be glad to help you to get along with all the options and to choose exactly what you need, according to your undoubtfully special situation. Manager will hold on the order and send it to the manufacture. All you need is to receive a payment link and leave us your delivery options. We will ship the jewelry you want right next day after it has been made.
We are available by Whats-app or email, you can find it in Contacts block.


Preorder notes:

  • If you place an order with our manager for a jewelry from website, just with another stones, it will take 2-3 weeks to manufacture your jewelry, or more, if there is no such gemstone in stock. Before we ship it out.

  • If you place an order with our manager for a jewelry in size we don't have in our model line (it is wider than you can see on the website, but still we do not have every jewel in every size), it will take 4-6 weeks to build a new size of model and manufacture your jewelry, before we ship it out. 

  • It will take even more time if you place an order for absolutely new model of jewelry - however we are glad to achieve a goal to fulfill your craziest ideas, if the laws of physics allow it!  

Here on website we have some of our jewelry - those are not ALL models we have, those are just bestsellers. If you want to see all our models, you can download the latest Catalogue. Also you can keep an eye on our Instagram or News page to see the newest models! 

Delivery terms and costs: 

  • We do ship with regular state mail.
    We cover import, so you don't have tax and import headaches, but the delivery costs you 30€ and it takes about 2-4 weeks, although it can take more, depending on your country state mail. 

Payment options: 

  • We carry only our bank payment system. You can pay with your bank card like a common internet payment. Note: unfortunately, our payment system doesn't accept AmericanExpress bank cards!

  • When you place order with our manager, you get an email with payment request, but it is the same payment system as above.

  • We DO NOT have Paypal, venmo, etc.