Auris Resellers Policy

Auris Jewellery is a worldwide brand supplying a lot of piercing shops and jewelry stores in many countries. We do sell wholesale to various piercers at conferences, so it is probable to find our jewelry in countless piercing studios all over the world. But here we are establishing a network of our Official Resellers.
This network will provide our Customer Service to a final customer.

AJSP Official Reseller advantages.
- Reseller’s store has its own tag on our Resellers Locator map, so clients from our website and social media can go directly to the shop.
- The Reseller has beneficial discount growing with time.
- The Reseller has priority in ordering line.

AJSP Official Reseller requirements.
- The Reseller must build a stock and keep up permanently at least $5000 retail value of our jewelry.
- The Reseller must know how to work with professional piercing jewelry and be able to consult a final client at our best. Professional piercers stuff who are active members of Association of Professional Piercers (or their sister organizations in countries outside of the US) are highly recommended but not mandatory.
- The Reseller must have beautiful front end display setup for initial contact between a final customer and our brand.
- The Reseller must follow common industry guidelines of polite and respectful manner of talking to clients.
- The Reseller must provide Warranty Services to any final customers due to our Warranty Policy. This doesn’t mean finances, but handling and shipping of returns and replacements.
- The Reseller’s pricing policy doesn’t have to be same as our online pricing policy.
- The Reseller must under no circumstances carry and sell replicas of our models from other brands, which are not as simple as a single gem setting or a gold bead.
- The Reseller must use only Auris jewelry on Auris branded displays, and must NOT use Auris jewelry on displays branded with other name. Using only Auris branded displays with only Auris jewelry is recommended.

How to become AJSP Official Reseller?
1. You have to check if your store or studio fulfils the conditions above. If you are unsure or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them our sales manager at
2. For applying you will need the following info:
- Photos or video of way from the outside to your display cases with clearly visible and recognisable jewelry on it. All jewelry from all brands.
- Photo of our jewelry selection layout
- Your shop address, contacts, social media, etc
- xxAPP members certificates if you have any. There is nothing to do with conference attendance certificates, although you can also attouch them to your application.
3. Send it all to to our sales person and wait for the decision!

Keep in mind: Our wholesale mission is to build a network of beautiful piercing jewelry stores with charmant stuff working there, providing our clients high-end service along high-end jewelry. This is our present to professional body piercers who can work and grow up as jewelry specialists instead of holepunchers and become highly respected wealthy people.


To become our official dealer and appear in our Shop Locator first of all you need to send a request to our wholesale department at, where you will be asked to confirm your working piercing studio and receive access to wholesale section. Always check your Spam folder, sometimes our mails get to there!

To buy our jewelry wholesale, it is unnecessary to be official dealer, but still you need to prove that you have working piercing shop and you own or manage it. 
After your account is confirmed, you will be able to download general catalogue and pricelist and order form file, compose an order in our order form and send it to
Here you can order wider variety of jewelry and have significantly more options with types, gems and other inlays. 
Placing an order means Average Wait Time 3-5 weeks for orders under 10000$. Plus shipping then. 

Quantity discounts:

•    $10000 to $19999 = 3%  

•    $19000 to 29999 = 5%

•    $30000 and up = 7%

Professional discounts:

•      If you are an active member of any of: APP, ruAPP, UKAPP, LBP, VPP, APPE, APPI, AuPP, you always get 5% off for any order. But don't forget to let us know that you're a member to change your status! 


Payment and shipping terms:

Our minimal order starts from 500$, but due to shipment costs, orders from 1000$ are more reasonable, since you pay for the shipping from 50$ to 120$.

When you place your order via order form (not for items from the website in stock), we require at least 50% deposit payment before we put it into manufacturing line.


Payment options:

•    Payment using bank card with our bank system. 
Note: unfortunately, our payment system doesn't accept AmericanExpress bank cards!  

•    Direct bank transfer

•    We DO NOT have PayPal, Venmo, etc at this point.

•    Also you can pay us with cash in our showrooms in St Scalpelburg in Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, or at any conferences or other trade shows we appear on. 


Delivery options:

•    We can also use regular state mail, but it works different in any country. Some are good, some can lose shipment. Choose wisely. 

•    If we go to events like BMXNet, LBP, APP, we can pass the package to your people there.

•   The default carrier option is UPS. For Russia default is SDEK. Note: we ship from Europe, this mean for non-EU countries it comes to import procedure and tax. Shipping rates vary.

Return Policy

Any unused product found to be defective at the time of purchase may be exchanged for an equivalent item, or for credit at our discretion.

Product return after the product has been used is subject to the approval of AJSP. Returns of non-defective jewelry are not allowed.

When sending jewelry back for returns or repairs:

•    Jewelry must be sterilized and clean of any biological matter, as we are unable to fully process jewelry on site. If any jewelry that is sent to us that still contains any biological matter, it will be returned for processing.

•    Jewelry must be individually sealed in sterile packs and clearly labeled with the indicator showing they have been processed.

•    Jewelry must be sent back to us in a bubble mailer or properly padded in a box to ensure safe arrival.

•    Product replacement before we get damaged item back to stock is subject to the approval of AJSP.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by

All custom jewelry will be considered a final sale.