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There happened the event in Russia that turned the course of history eight years ago, in 2014.

The two extremely poles apart industries united to move ahead hand in hand. Professional piercing represented by the St.Scalpelburg studio from Saint Petersburg and jewellery represented by SURIK family manufacture from Vyborg created the first jewellery piercing brand in Russia, Auris Jewellery. Thereafter piercing lovers don’t have to make a choice between the quality or comfort of professional jewellery and beauty of complex jewellery forms – the owner of the Auris Jewellery items gets

it all at the same time.

For eight years the team of Auris Jewellery has come an exciting and time-consuming way:

· 2015 was focused on searching for ideals, decision taking and manufacture debugging.

· In 2016 the items of Auris Jewellery have already earned loyalty of specialists of the main multibrand piercing fashion boutique of Russia, St.Scalpelburg and started getting its guests to fall in love

with the brand.

· In 2017 we presented for the first time our products at two main conferences of professional piercing industry in the USA and Germany and only a year after, in 2018 we got the award for

the best technical solution.

· Since 2019 Auris Jewellery has been the honored exhibitor at 7/7 international piercing conferences,

as well as a leading brand in St.Scalpelburg.

· By 2021 the items of Auris Jewellery have been presented in piercing studios all over the world,

namely in 32 countries.

· Finally, in 2022 the two important events happened in the life of the brand: opening of the flagship store of jewellery piercing AURIS in Moscow, and the second reward from the Association of Professional Piercing of the USA, this time for the best creative innovation.

During all these years the AURIS team has been carefully gathering and safekeeping each expectation to create a unique space, where every person will get what he wants and make his dreams come true.

In modern times, AURIS is a real House, where its guests can get any piercing done at the top- level,

as well as buy jewellery for the previous piercing.

Irrespective of the reason why you like piercing, follow modern trends or have respect to classics, believe that details should dominate in the image or complete it, the AURIS jewellery piercing salon

will be able to offer you the very jewellery and the very piercing artist.

Afford yourself the luxury of being yourself.

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