Wholesale ordering

Placing Your Order

Please send email to sales@aurisjewellery.com to get wholesale pricing and catalogue.

For setting up your account first time you must provide your business license.


Quantity discounts

    $5000 to $9999 = 3%

    $10000 to 29999 = 5%

    $30000 and up = 7%


Payment and Shipping Information

Payment methods:

    Direct Wire Transfer: You should be able to send your money to a russian bank.

This is preferable payment for us.


    Cash:  if you have someone who occasionally intersects with our sales managers anywhere, we can take cash on any stage.

    Also we can bring your order to event like BMXNet, LBP, APP, YouModify, APPE meetings with no charge for shipping, but only if we go there. In this case you can payout the last 50% with cash.


    The default option is DPD.

    We can use regular state mail, but it works different in any country. Some are good, some can lose shipment. Choose wisely.

    If we or you have a person who occasionally travels from St Petersburg or Moscow to your area, we can give your order to this persone. Or bring it ourselves to events like BMXNet, LBP, APP, YouModify, APPE meetings with no charge for shipping, but only if we go there.


Return Policy

Any unused product found to be defective at the time of purchase may be exchanged for an equivalent item, or for credit at our discretion.

Product return after the product has been used is subject to the approval of AJSP. Returns of non-defective jewelry are not allowed.

When sending jewelry back for returns or repairs:

    Jewelry must be sterilized and clean of any biological matter, as we are unable to fully process jewelry on site. If any jewelry that is sent to us that still contains any biological matter, it will be returned for processing.

    Jewelry must be individually sealed in sterile packs and clearly labeled with the indicator showing they have been processed.

    Jewelry must be sent back to us in a bubble mailer or properly padded in a box to ensure safe arrival.

    Product replacement before we get damaged item back to stock is subject to the approval of AJSP.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

All custom jewelry will be considered a final sale.




How to place an order:

1. Download Auris Jewelery catalogue
2. Choose a piece you want
3. Write down all the codes of jewelry you want including its code, size (if possible) , threading/thickness, gold color, gem color. Txt file or just text in email body is ok.

It should look like this:

TEG-017-L, ,pin, Yellow gold, gen. violet sapphires

TES-001, 16/18g, White gold


Send it to sales@aurisjewellery.com

4. We will check availability, timing of manufacturing and count the final price according to your wishes.
5. Confirm price, timing and payment option.
6. We would ask you to pay at least approximately 50% before starting the order. After we finish the order we would ask you to pay out the rest.