Gemstones in our jewelry

We have three approaches for gemstones.
The first is regular one. This is what we have always (sometimes we can run out, but we will restore) in our gemcharts. You can see them below. 

The second approach is some gems from mostly same sources, but we but few of that type or color; so those are not unique gems, but exclusive for our manufacturing, because we can not promise when we can restock them next time.
Also here you can expect to find precious stones - while we always offer genuine diamonds, we can also find by request rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, and many other genuine stones. 

And the third, our loveliest approach is our unique handmade or hand selected gemstones, which we find in different place all around the world to deliver our message of eternal seeking for beauty. Those gems are really unique or super rare, and we are proud to offer you those inlays. Some of them had been hand cut by ourselves from unnoticable rock to a beautiful cabochon or druzy pad. Some of them have been just found on a world minerals shows and hand selected by our enthusiasts.
Here, on this website, we can't place those gems available, but we can place here pictures of unique stones we had already made. 

Regular stones gemchart: