About Us

The first russian high-end piercing jewellery brand company, which had grown on traditional highest quality russian jewellery school, inspired with assets of newborn developing professional piercing industry.
What is about Auris Jewelry so special?
Well.. we are not unique as we see it.
We do pretty much same high-end stuff as other gold companies you've got used to on american market. Good quality, high finish, fancy gems, titanium posts compatibility.. There is nothing to surprise you, huh?
Well, our approach is a little diferent. We do industry. Not only earning money.
Thus, what we invent new, we are gladly sharing. No secrets! We just love to improve the jewelry world.
May be this is what makes us special? Besides some really rocking designs you had never met on local market yet (not every design, of course..) or fresh nice gemstones, platings, covers, etc. Oh yes, and only 2 months turnover, which can make your life easier maybe.
And, for sure, being first time in America makes us fresh and exotic for local industry. This means that while another-high-end-shop-in-20-miles-away has same fancy jewelry as you do, you can become the first high-end shop in whole state, who has something unusual and new, because you care about your customers!
Well anyway - you are to discover what's so special about AJSP yourself. See you