About Us

Loving style. Pushing the boundaries. Living with a purpose.
We are explorers. We are creators. We are Auris.


The concept of our brand started in 2014. 

Those were dark times for Russian piercing industry. Chinese jewelry ruled the market, leaving piercers with no options. Youngsters and rockstars outnumbered professional piercers who cared about safety and style.
In 2013 Arseniy Andersson (Rodriguez) and Vlad Bodmodov started their own piercing boutique, which changed everything and gave a new breath to the industry. It worked out, but that was only high-end titanium jewelry and a little bit of gold. 

Later in 2014 we met Vladislav Surovezhko, a piercing enthusiast who made traditional jewelry. 
We were all frustrated about the wait times, and sometimes the quality. Even the leading companies weren't able to produce a quality product satisfying our needs, let alone the 6 month turn around for a piece of jewelry.

So we decided to write our own story. 
A story of exploration and searching for our own style, defining our goals and our future. 
A story that is not possible without you - our valued customers.


Auris is a concept merge of philosophies of three our founders. 

- Freedom of exploring. Being an explorer from the childhood, Arseniy has inner eternal engine which pushes him to search unexplored fields, same time answering
"Why do we exist?" question. Go for that to the edge of world? Easily!
So we do. 
- Power of emotions. Vlad, as no one else, understands that just emotions push us to do everything, and just emotions are the most important rememberings in our life.
He wants to make everyone feel the same.
So we do.   
- Learning from cooperation. In attempts to unite totally different things, jeweler Vladislav learns piercing to get new ideas he can apply to improve his jewelry making skills, together creating beauty and masterpieces.
And so we all do. 

All those features combined give us our core, what we are. 
Confident. Creative. Emotional. Motivated. Fearless. Free. 
But there is one more thing. 

All of us have the same philosophy uniting all the people working in Auris: 
We want to live with Style. And style is good once it's solid yours.
We would be happy to help you find your own style with Auris Jewellery.