Auris Jewellery

Auris Jewellery was founded in 2014. The founders of the St. Petersburg piercing boutique Arseniy Andersson and Vlad Bodmodov were impressed by the atmosphere of import substitution. They thought, that is good to represent american jewelry brands in Russia, but they wanted to present some russian brands. At that time, there was no company in Russia, which could boast of professional body piercing jewelry. There were only a meager attempt to portray something similar, but the lack of knowledge about body piercing did not allow designers to create a comfortable and safe jewelry.

Body piercing was considered the lot of low-income youth, so designers were engaged in the creation of cheap costume jewelry. Not surprisingly, she never became popular.Work with low-quality jewelry is contrary to professional piercing position on the safety and comfort of wearing jewelry for body piercing. Therefore, the company decided to develop production under the personal supervision. Arseny and Vlad tried to define the concept and brand oriented. On the one hand, they wanted to make gold piercing available to the general public. On the other hand, they don’t want to economize on their future clients and customers. They wanted to do high-quality products. In the end, the guys chose customer focus inherent in their piercing boutique.

Customers demanded first of all safe jewelry: they didn’t want to buy expensive products that will cause allergic reactions. In addition, the russian market didn’t offer much of a choice. Therefore, it was decided to promote the concept of a luxury brand with a wide range of customization. It took several months in search of jewelry workshop, which was ready to unconditionally comply with the requirements for product quality. Despite extensive jewelry past and present such a big country, it was found that jewelers are mired in formulaic ideas, and did not perceive the correct concept of piercing.

All jewelers believed that any fresh piercing can sustain any jewelry if it add a "therapeutic" gold. It was not possible to work with such people. Of course, there were the master, ready to make any client's whim, but the handmade cost several times more expensive than from the American brands, and to do suchlike exclusive was inappropriate.

Everything changed in June 2015, when on the exhibition, where St. Scalpelburg participated, Arseny meet young jeweler Vlad. Vlad followed in the footsteps of his father, who owned his small jewelry production. Piercing always interested him, but the production of gold jewelry up to this point was unprofitable.

St. Scalpelburg proved Vlad and his father by his example of sales of american luxury premium class jewelry that it may be beneficial to all. Of course, there were many difficulties associated with the specifics of the jewelry business in Russia, but the boys didn’t scare it. Preparations for the production, testing of the necessary technology, design and creation of the first collection took almost a year. In the process, guys had difficulty that the traditional jewelry industry ignored. Jewelers have never encountered with the production essentially of medical jewelry, so guys had to spend a number of independent studies.

Pure gold is soft, it’s not much harder than tin or clay, so it’s impossible to make a solid product out of it. Therefore, impurities are added to gold, which give an alloy the necessary rigidity and elasticity. But Auris Jewellery had to do these impurities hypoallergenic. Another major problem was the fact that the final product could be smaller than three millimeters. There were no tools in Russia, which could created quite subtle mechanisms fasteners, thread and other technical elements. But all difficulties were overcome. As a result, in the summer of 2016 Auris Jewellery presented the first pilot line of jewelry that could wear ordinary people, show business stars, MPs and models that appreciate your body and your style.